We're on a mission to clean our beaches of plastic and understand where the hotspots are occurring.



For every Item purchased we survey 1000 square meters of beach for plastic and clear it.

We do our surveying with drones and then resort to good old fashioned manual labour to clear away found plastics.


By using drone technology, we bring a 21st century solution to the beach clean problem.

The speed and efficiency of drones, allow for large areas to be mapped at high resolution.


Once we've surveyed the section of beach its time to clean it.

Our team works their way across the beach, removing any plastic and marine rubbish identified during the survey.


The Plastic Tide set their algorithm to work. It processes through the detailed beach maps, detecting marine debris.

The more data we can collect, the better the algorithm can get and the more we'll understand.


We have NO IDEA where 99% of plastic ends up...

In the UK alone, a recent Marine Conservation Society report indicated a 250% increase in the amount of  plastics washing up on our beaches over the past ten years. In addition, recent weather events have seen a dramatic increase in the quantity of storm driven marine rubbish being deposited onto our beaches.

The tide of plastic is increasing year on year. What's worrying is, we can estimate how much plastic is already in, and is entering, our oceans, but we can't say for certain where it's all going...

This is a major concern for scientists who are trying to understand the impact plastics are having on our oceans and lives. 

Currently we can only account for just 1% of all surface ocean plastic...  


We want to utilise drone technology for conservation...

We're extremely proud to be collaborating with The Plastic Tide, who are pushing the boundaries in conservation technology.

Our mission is simple. 

To capture volumes of data that have not been possible until now, to quantify the amount of plastic on UK beaches and beyond.

We don't want to just measure the impact plastic is having on our world, we want to use it as a vehicle for change. We want to understand the problem and confront it, whilst inspiring a generation to believe that they can do the same.